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shipping the 91 200QW

Joe thanks for the advice.  

> From: Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@compuserve.com>
> Date: 11 Apr 96 14:20:08 EDT
> Subject: Car Shipping
> Carl DeSousa asked for advice on shipping a car from CO to CA.  My advice is buy
> a plane ticket and drive it back.  If this is impractical then use ONLY a
> company that has been recommended by someone with personal
> experience with that company.  

Can't afford the time and I'd rather not spend $8-900 to ship it so I
opted for a comprimise.  The shipping company offered to get it from
Colorado Springs to Las Vegas, since they already had a pickup there
for $250.

I fly to Vegas for $95, drive it home(about an 8 hour drive)

I'm using All State Transpo, recommmended by someone on this list. 
Whoever you are, sorry I forget, but thank you.

>A significant number of car "shippers" that you find in the phone book
> are agents for someone else and are interested primarily in getting the money
> order (sorry, checks or credit cards not accepted) for shipping your car, then
> maybe some time in the future they'll actually get around to shipping it.  Get
> all info in writing; including pick-up and promised delivery dates -- not just
> transit times, liability insurance, etc.

I'll take the advice, thanks!  

> Remove everything pilferable from the car.  This includes owners manuals, tool
> kits, jacks, etc.  The last time my car was shipped someone stole the gear shift
> knob  (If this is the '91 200 with the Zebrano wood trim I'd remove it myself
> and put a cheapie knob on for shipping.  These cannot be replaced through the
> dealer).  The "pilferable" items may not add up to your insurance deductable so

yeah, it has the Zebrano wood trim and shift knob.

btw, the car is Lago blue with black leather, 82kmiles.  I purchased
it without ever looking at it.  I did however spend time with the
dealer on the phone where the original owner purchased, and serviced it.
Its got the UFO V8 style brakes but the dealer claimed the rotors were
upgraded to a better material.  I'll be upgrading the ECU shortly
after I recieve the car.  I'll send the ECU to Joe Hoppen to modify.

My version of a SUV should end up with 260HP.   :)