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re: 87 5KCSTQ starting problem

"Maslowski Mark" <Maslowski_Mark@macmail1.cig.mot.com> wrote:

>Recently I took a trip from Chicago to Mpls for Easter. The car ran great
>both there and back. Upon returning I put the car in the garage overnight and
>the next morning the car wouldn't start. It turns over fine and the fuel pump
>is working. When I checked for spark there wasn't any either at the plug wire
>or the coil. My guess is the ignition module went South. I don't have a
>Bentley manual so I'm looking for some insight from the group as to where the
>module is located. Also, is there anything else that I need to check to
>diagnose this problem. Many thanks.

It could be the Hall Sensor (I think that's what it's called) in the ignition.
If this is the problem, then it will be a lot cheaper to replace just the

88 5000Q