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re: 87 5KCSTQ starting problem

"Maslowski Mark" <Maslowski_Mark@macmail1.cig.mot.com> wrote:
>Recently I took a trip from Chicago to Mpls for Easter. The car ran great
>both there and back. Upon returning I put the car in the garage overnight and
>the next morning the car wouldn't start. It turns over fine and the fuel pump
>is working. When I checked for spark there wasn't any either at the plug wire
>or the coil. My guess is the ignition module went South. I don't have a
>Bentley manual so I'm looking for some insight from the group as to where the
>module is located. Also, is there anything else that I need to check to
>diagnose this problem. Many thanks.
 Slow down here for a second. I have learned through bad experience not to
replace anything unless your 100% sure you've diagnosed it currectly. How
about this horror story, I had a perfectly good turbo rebuilt for nothing.
Cost me $700 (I did do some mods though). Turned out to be a bad fuel pump
relay which was not activating the frequency valve circuit(the relay is
multifunction). Relay was $25.
 First thing you need to do is crank the car for 5 seconds (I believe it
is), leave the key in the position it would be if the car were running and
insert a fuse into the fuel pump relay. There is a slot on top of the
relay, located under the hood in the fusebox of course, for a fuse to be
inserted. Now watch the little engine trouble light. I believe the pattern
is such:

1.First one long blink

2.A series of blinks (count these)

3.A short pause

4.Steps 2 & 3 repeated three more times.

 You should end up with a four digit number. Now let us know what you came
up with and us with Bentley's will look it up for you. You may get more
than one error code (doubtful) or you may get none at all. The
self-diagnostic system is not as advanced as on newer cars. I hope I told
you the right procedure if not someone please correct me (my Bentley is
at home).
 This is a good starting point.

Brett Augsburger
86 5000cstq