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Loctitie 2 something

In a message dated 96-04-09 16:41:28 EDT, you write:

>Yes, it does have Locktite on it.  However it is the kind with teflon
>in it.  It does not make the bolt stick better, it allows you to get it
>off later.  The type called for in my Bentley was not available in the
>USA but Locktite has an American equivalent.  I forget what it is now.
>I have seen similar products in auto parts stores.  Use it on the threads
>and all other contacting surfaces (like under the bolt head).  I don't
>think that anti-seize would work, it is probably too thick and/or slick.
>I can find out what the exact type of Locktite is if people are interested.
>Don Ho

242 should do the trick, it is meant to allow you to take it back off, unlike
272 which is the Bearing stuff, never to be used again unless trashing