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Switches w&w/o lights

The switches on the drivers door are illuminated.  The four arrows for the
mirror have one bulb, the windows switches illuminate individually, and there is
one bulb for seat memory button and the 4 memory switches.  The round L/R mirror
buttons do not illuminate, nor does the ON/OFF section of the seat memory - but
the arrows in this switch do.  I have never seen the sunroof switch illuminate
and the Bentley is unclear as to whether there is an LED in there or not --
IMHO: it ain't worth it to check; then again -- see below.  

In a light repair frenzy, I replaced the bulb in the seat memory switch (Radio
Shack, 12v/60mA) and now sort of regret it.  The word MEMORY is bright; my car
is rapidly approaching Starship Enterprise proportions.  My logic now is:  If
I'm moving the seat, I ought to be stopped; if I'm stopped, I can turn the dome
light on -- no need for the Laserium light show while driving.

To Hans-Juergen:

The Autoverwertung here in Bayern charge about 10 DM for the switches from the
dashboard.  I would price one from the dealer, then find out if it makes sense
to use a new or used electrical part.  I think the rear defogger switch is
electrically similar to the fog light switch, and that cost only 14 DM, new.

Joe Yakubik