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Re: RE: Hydraulic oil filter - 85 UrQ

In article <01BB303D.9FE8E800@glen> Glen Powell <gpowell@acacianet.com> writes:

>Is the filer you speak of inside the resivoir? Any tricks to gittin it =
>out? I'm installing a new rack as part of the KUQEFH install and this =
>might be a good time to flush/clean/refill the hydraulic system. Any =
>other tidbits of advice re the flushing/cleaning etc?



The filter is in the bottom of the hydraulic reservoir.

Remove the small circlip retaining the basket strainer and then remove the 
basket strainer.

If the fluid has been drained you will see a vertical spring which is 
restrained on the vertical rod by a clip.  Squeeze the sides of the clip with 
pliers to release the tension.  Remove the clip and spring.

The filter top cover plate can now be removed - a magnet is useful as there is 
very little clearance around the sides.

Underneath the top cover plate is the element.

Very straightforward if you don't loose the circlip or spring clip!

Alan Pemberton

85 UrQ
82 Coupe
80 Civic