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Re: Ur-Q MMs ? (again)

  Yes, I do have the part number and I sent them to Glen personally. 
Perhaps I should have sent them to the list as well. So, here it goes:

 Mount: 443 199 381J
 Cap (stop): 443 199 469D
 Washer: NO 115608
 Spacer: 443 199 443
 Bolt: NO 147531

  I have these exact mounts on my 87 4kcsq and they WILL fit the Ur-Q's. 
They are clearly an inferior part to it's liquid filled counterpart, but 
that's the way things go. I really don't remember how much I paid because 
I was paying the "wholesale" price, but I really don't think that they 
should be $116. 

Just my $.02

Laters, Ben
83' TQC
87' 4KCSQ