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Re: Club activities


  I must say that I agree whole heartedly. I am impressed at the way you 
presented your issues, as well. 

  Coming from the Colorado region, I paid $225 for last years 2nd Creek 
event and while I thought it was very steep, I paid it and had a good 
time. I know for a fact that 2nd Creek costs $1000 a day to rent and 
Insurance costs are unknown at this time. I have to assume that there was 
no profit for the Qclub, just because of the other costs that are 
involved (and mentioned by Fletch).

  OK, for the REAL reason that I am posting this. This year we are doing 
an event at Stapleton (the old airport) and the price is so suprisingly 
low that I can not imagine that they are going to make anything. Once 
again, I know for a fact that Stapleton costs $2000/day to rent, but the 
cost to participate in the event is a meager $75/day. I have no idea how 
they got the cost so low, but I REALLY appriciate it and offer my undying 
support, for anything, if that is all they are going to charge me. The 
event is an "expert" event (only people that have participate in previous 
events may attend, Steamboat excluded), so there won't be any "new" 
members participating or any "new" money. How can it be that last year we 
paid twice as much for a lesser track (My opinion) and this year we are 
paying half as much for a "better" (more expensive track? Not that I am 
complaining, just curious and putting my 2 pennies in.

Laters, Ben
83" TQC
87' 4KCSQ