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FW: 1990 V8Q front floor carpet???

Ordered the floor carpets for my 1990 V8Q in lt. grey and the delivered mats did not match the original interior color exactly. The mats also do not have the sponge bottom and the holes for the screws are too small. BTW, these were ordered from Carlsen Audi and I received them about 2 weeks ago. Since they don't have the foam backing, I decided to place the mats over the old carpet (it's hidden). Regardin the holes...I'll have to machine the screws down somehow. The rear carpets that came with the set were a pain to install. Make sure that the front seats are moved ALL the way to the front before placing the rear mats. 

	The slight color difference does not ruin the overall look however.  The guy at Carlsen Audi suggested I get Black which would provide contrast to the interior. However, I didn't take his advice.

-Vikram Kumar

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Subject: 	1990 V8Q front floor carpet???

Because of wear/stains, I want to replace the front carpet. Does 
anyone have a source for this??
(other than a dealer) If only available through a dealer, any 
recommendations for one who is
reasonably priced??

1990 V8Q