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Re: '90 V8Q: Hot coolant temp!

At 05:16 PM 4/23/96 -0700, you wrote:
>the v8 has a mechanically driven fan in addition to an electric fan
>that is triggered by the a/c and/or a certain coolant temperature.
>my car would rarely get past the 12 o clock position on a really hot
>day, so getting that hot would be a little worrying.  how is the a/c?
>perhaps the electric fan is not working.

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth if this message already went through...my
emailer crashed, so I'm not sure...

After closer inspection, I noticed that the little electric fan (on the
right side of the radiator)does not ever come on.  I let my car idle for a
while the other day with the hood open, and I watched that fan, but it never
came on.  I could hear a clicking noise of some sort every minute or so,
almost like it wanted to come on, but it never did even once.  The big
belt-driven fan was working fine though...

Think this might be the switch, or the motor itself?  Any ideas as to the
expense/difficulty of this job?

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