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Re: '90 V8Q: Hot coolant temp!

> After closer inspection, I noticed that the little electric fan (on the
> right side of the radiator)does not ever come on.  I let my car idle for a
> while the other day with the hood open, and I watched that fan, but it never
> came on.

turn on your a/c and set the temp. to low.  that should kick in the a/c
compressor *and* the fan.  if the fan doesn't run, you've found your
problem.  without a/c the extra fan rarely comes on.  there may be
extra stuff available in the CC diagnostic mode to test the fan but
i can't remember just this minute.

>I could hear a clicking noise of some sort every minute or so,

if you are referring to the rapid, constant clicks you are hearing
the sequential FI in action.