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HELP! Auto ck computer and display

Just got a diagnosis from dealer.  A bad auto check computer ($1059 
retail) is the cause of my airbag indicator blinking intermittenly and 
the auto check display ($459 retail) the cause of the display not 
working at all.

I have checked Lina@Carlson, their prices are about $100 off retail and 
Shokan has used auto check computer for around $500.

Does anybody have suggestions on possible gremlins which may cause the 
similar symptoms?  

Unless someone tells me its dangerous, I can live with a faulty auto 
check computer since its just making my airbag indicator blink 
intermittenly, but could this be the start of bigger problems?  BTW, 
could my putting 50w hallogens in my rear back up lights have anything 
to do with these problems.  I noticed the problems about a week after 
the bulbs were put in. 


89 200tqw