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Hear, hear! All of the non-profit organizations I belong to disclose the
finances publicly. It would seem that such disclosure would stop the

On the driving events, why don't we try a couple of additional types of
venues? One might be cosponsoring a school with another club (isn't
there a joint event with the Ferrari Club somewhere?) allowing more
entrants, more instructors, lower cost, more potential friends, more
friendly rivalry, etc. A second might be try Bruce's alternative venue,
as long as there is a great big hose on the way out so I don't get
busted by my wife when I get home!

In any event, I would like to join a club such as QCUSA, but am unclear
of the benefits other than the newsletter and the driving events. I
can't justify spending more than twice what I could spend on a BMWCCA or
COMSCC event, and the sample newsletter I saw was OK, but not worth $30+
that the membership costs. Are there other benefits of membership?

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

>From: 	Stephen Williams[SMTP:mannlaw@indy.net]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, April 30, 1996 11:46 PM
>To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Subject: 	QClub Track events
>	Up front:  I don't belong to the QClub.  I have not attended any 
>QClub events [maybe? this year].  However, the way around all the back 
>and forth I am hearing is this:  OPEN THE FINANCIAL RECORDS FOR ALL TO
>	IF the QClub is non-profit, there are records that MUST be kept.  
>Mail'em out.  
>	Isn't the real point to all this participation?  And isn't 
>participation governed [at least in large part] by cost.  Fact is, if
>know the right people, the Speedway in Indy [big oval, yeah] can be 
>rented.  Is it affordable to most working dogs?  No.  If rental at 
>Watkins [and other assoc. costs] is prohibitive, then rent something 
>else.  May not be as nice, but hey, runnin' is runnin'!
>	Hey, a Tiffany spoon is probably really cool for some kid to eat 
>with but know what?  If you don't have one, the kid will use any old 
>spoon.  And have just as much fun makin' a mess.
>	QCLub:  if you want new members, solve this bickering.  You solve 
>the bickering by proving what you say is true.  You prove what you say
>true by opening the books to the people that question what you say. 
>	BTW, if you wanna run on an ol' dirt track I can probably fix ya 
>up!  I'll even bring the kegs, then we'll go RACIN'!!!!!!!  Trade some 
>paint, make some friends--and lighten up.
>Be Good,