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Re: QClub

On Wed, 1 May 1996, Duff, Ian wrote:

> Hear, hear! All of the non-profit organizations I belong to disclose the
> finances publicly. It would seem that such disclosure would stop the
> bickering.

Exactly... I havent gone to any of the QCUSA events due to the cost. Ive 
spent more time lapping limerock, than I spent in school. (And Im a GRAD 
student!) Ive gone to many quality events there, including the skippy 
series (Which isnt THAT much more that a darn QCUSA event!). Weve rented 
the track for chassis testing etc etc etc... So I always wondered what 
they did with the extra money.

If they can show me their books, (Hey, they're non profit, right?) to 
show me where MY money is going, then Id do it. But I have a feeling its 
going into a couple of guys pockets in MN.


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