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Re: Special Car Journal Wanted Ad

> We are selling the following:
> 1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro, black with black leather, 5 spd, 217 hp,
> 20 V engine, new tires & timing belt, 80K mi, abs, driver side airbag,
> phone, sunroof, am/fm cassette etc.
> It has never been in an accident and we have all of the maintenance
> records. Both the exterior and the interior are in excellent condition.
> Please contact my fiance, Trip McCord at (908)637-4374 if you are
> interested. The car is located in Great Meadows, NJ (norther NJ).

I bit on this & called, here's the skinny:

'91 200Q 20V, C-dan, black on black, 85,000.  IA modified computer (original
computer also,) Blaupunkt receiver, Kenwood amps.  Second owner.  I talked with
the owner earlier tonight, real nice guy, definately knows his Audi's.  Sounds
like it's got all new front end bushings, control arms, etc.; new grenade,
timing belt & shoes.  The downside:  It's got UFO's, and the trip computer is
stuck in the boost selection (function selecter switch is bad, not whole unit.)
 Said he would'nt mind my sending around the info on the car, so here it is.
 I'd buy it myself, but $16,800 is too rich for my blood.  :-(  It's located in
northern Jersey; call Trip at (908) 637-4374, tell him I sent ya (not lookin'
for kickbacks or anything, just want him to know I passed the info along.)
 Damn, one of these dayz...

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