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It won't start by itself Part II

Fellow Audians - I let the battery charge for about five hours and tried to 
start the car. It wouldn't (start) and when I turned they key back to the off 
position the car would not turn off - It stayed lit up as it does just before 
you hit the starter(Welcome to the twilight zone ....) It appears that after 
86K the ignition switch has grown tired of being under the constant demand 
and control of the key and tumbler and its decided to go off on its own. The 
car won't start because the key is not taking the switch over to start mode 
and it now it won't turn off because the key can't move the switch to off. 
And the winner is Quattro List member Ernest Wong at Cornell who suspected 
the switch. No knowing what to do (I figured I had better not leave the car 
on all night)I disconnected the battery. So now what do I do? Can I reconnect 
the battery in the morning, jump start the car and drive it to my mechanic; 
or should I leave it as is (disconnected) and have it transported? Did I 
screw anything up by disconnecting the battery? Will I screw anything up by 
reconnecting it with the ignition on? How much should a new switch cost? Will 
I have to rekey the whole car? TIA for your help. Greg