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Re: QC info

Fellow Audi enthusiasts,

I assume the > was written by qclubusa(aka Karen C.),

>Eric, I was advised by Dan Simoes that he does not want all the club stuff
>on the digest, it is for car talk.

I strongly disagree with Dans call on this one. From the majordomo
welcome message, it states that

quattro is a list for Audi *enthusiasts*.  You need not own an Audi
to join the list, nor must you own specifically own a quattro model,
though many list members do.  Anything and everything about Audis can be
discussed, from problems to features, where to get parts and so forth.

I think some discussion about QCUSA is warranted, as it is the only club
dedicated to the cars we empty our wallets for. Should it be the only thing
disussed, no way, but I believe it falls into the realm of "anything and
everything about Audis". The discussion and opinions concerned have only
been surfacing for 3 days now and it seems relevant for those thinking of
joining the club. As a parallel, there is PCA discussion on the p-car
list, it isn't banned.

>Also, since many of the people on the
>digest are not members it seems to me it is not of their concern.  Thanks
>for yours!

I don't understand this attitude at all. Instead of viewing the Audi 
present in this mail group as future club members and trying to show what
benefits they will receive by shelling out $36 per anum, you treat them as a
some type of sub-class who shouldn't be concerned or privy to QCUSA
operations. As can be seen from the recent discussions, there are many
Audi owners who are not  QCUSA members for one reason or another, who
have some very valid questions about the financial aspects of how the club
is run. QCUSA should come forward and answer all questions and concerns
publicly, so those idividuals who have shown an interest in the club can 
off the fence and say, "This club is working to better the Audi ownership
experience, is addressing members concerns, and has its shi*t together. I
will have to send in my $36, it's such a bargain." Unfortunately, at this
point, most people can't agree with the above statement.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com               QCUSA member #210