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Re: Club activities

I am glad to see this subject has come up. Many good and valid
points have been made. I too wonder about the national club
financial records.

The questions I would like answered:

1)Financial records for the club the last 5 years.
Where does the money go? This is supposedly a non-profit
organization and these records should be open for membership
review. Is there some government agency in MN that someone from
this list could call and verify that the club is indeed incorprated as a
non-profit organization?

2)The high cost of event participation.
I have not been directly involved in event organization, but as
Ben Howell mentioned, the Colorado Region is putting on
events at a very affordable $75/day. This will be the cost for the
Stapleton event in August. And if you a just starting out, this cost
includes 2 drivers for the same car. And you can participate for just
1 day of the scheduled 2 day event. Kudos to Deb and Bob
Polich and Scott Davis for these great upcomming events and
working out some reasonable costs.

3)Event instruction.
I agree with Eric that this aspect of the events can be improved. The
qclub allowed me my first experience of driving 'on a track'. I feel
very fortunate to be helped along by other colorado region members,
and have learned much about car control. The last thing I want to do is wad 
my car, so I stay within my limits. As time progesses, speed will come.

I want to learn more and would be interested in instructor training but  I 
afford the $1500 for a Bondurant/Barber school 3 day course. If you are
certified as a driving instructor intsructor, Eric, why not organize
an instructor school and teach everyone the correct way of doing things.
I bet you would have good attendance and if put on near your home, you
would draw people from a reasonable driving range say 10 hours away.
This would include a good portion of the central US.

4)National officer elections.
I have been a member of the club since 1989 and have not once voted
for any club elected official. According to the 1987 bylaws, Article IX,
Sec 3, "In either a club publication or other communication, the secretary
shall publish a notice of the election and the names of all nominees for
office and also include a ballot. The notice of election shall set a return 
date for the ballot, which shall be at least thirty days before the end of 
the fiscal year."
I have never seen a list of nominees for any election ever published in the
newsletters or sent to me. So how are the supposedly "elected officials"
elected? There are many issues on this subject which need to be answered,
especially as regions start to develop and how the bylaws state  the 
regional presidents will serve on the national BOD.

5)Regional development
It states in the 1987 bylaws that fiscal year end surplus funds will be 
to the regions based on regional membership totals. When can the regions
expect this surplus distribution?

6)What is the membership total as of 1 May 1996? The last number I
remember was over 4000 in Jan 1994.

THis note is already too long, but I am sure there are other subjects which 
investigation. I am all for the quattro club and will continue my 
but if the above subjects are not addressed, I will seriously consider not
renewing my membership.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com     QCUSA Member #210