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RE: Club activities

Nice letter Richard!

I have been an ex-member for a few years now - but not by choice! I have never received any type of renewal notification or invoice - ever. I have inquired via phone several times about getting a renewal notice or just a simple invoice to renew my membership. Promises made but never kept. I do realise I have to be my own insurance adjuster if I ever want to get an insurance claim paid, but what do I have to do to renew my QCUSA membership? Travel to QCUSA HQ in person and beg them to take my money? Pull-eeez!

   Where does the money go if not to help subsidize member events?  (the
little bio on page 5 did say the club was nonprofit?)

I have heard via the .net that 'excess monies' are used to pay for travel and expenses of the club officers.......    If this is wrong - QCUSA - please respond!

In the Presidents letter of the last Quarterly, he cites the hope that
increased ad revenues will hopefully offset printing costs. 

I gots the feeling that 'increased ad revenues' will allow the club officers to fly to events First Class Vs coach.....      1/2    :)
With 2 world class track facilities in my home
state of N.H.,(that regulary sponsor open events for less than $100/day)

Richard, NHIS must be one,  what's the second?

Owned 7 Quattros, (that's *28* driven wheels!) presently own 4, driving Quattros continuously (with time-out for sleep :) since 1985, raced three, one SCCA NED Championship in a Quattro and a QCUSA instructor but feeing very 'not wanted', (by National)