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Last Word on QClub--From Me, at least

	As a non-member, I will stay a non-member.  While I would love to 
be a part of a responsible Q Club, and have knowledge that I [IMHO] 
believe might be beneficial [business / corporate side, not wrench side], 
I find what I am hearing and seeing [not rumors anymore] disgusting.

	In my experience, the chosen few in power in some closely held 
corporations [not the same set-up w/ QClub, but in reality...not far] can 
make life a bitch for those not in power.  Whether through corruption or 
just plain arrogance SOMETIMES the "leaders" forget they are there for 
the benefit of the whole, and believe the whole is there for their benefit.

	Frankly, it is not the event prices that I find disgusting here.  
While the price difference between a $300 weekend and a $200 weekend may 
mean you can go to less events, maybe only 1 per year, you can sometimes 
forget a price that is a little high--if the event is terrific.  No, what 
I find inexcusable, and the reason I will NEVER join so long as the 
leadership stays the same, is the financial disclosure issue.  I agree 
that the QClub should be given a reasonable time to answer questions.  
BUT, how long does it take for someone to issue a short statement and 
tell (1) the revenue; (2) the expenses [listed of course]; and, (3) the 
net gain or loss for the most recent fiscal year?  'Bout 10 minutes if 
you have any typing ability at all.

	Now, before I get flamed, I am not saying the QClub or any of its 
officers are corrupt.  I have no idea about their honesty and integrity 
[prolly like most places-some terrific, some not so terrific].  But I do 
know this:  When people in high places refuse to answer questions about 
simple things that you have a right to know...I gotta ask the WHY question.

Sorry for the space