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Re: Torque spec for 91 200qw drain plug

[from Peter Henriksen]

>Hi all,
>does anybody happen to know what the torque spec is for the oil pan
>drain plug on a 91 200qw? I looked in Bentley last night, but couldn't
>find it anywhere.
Don't know for sure. But I've heard of drain pans with stripped bolt holes
and helicoils in them. I tighten the nut till it feels pretty snug. Drive
it around and then check to see if it is leaking. Don't want to pull a
Pep-Boys. But did it 2 months ago. Had to retighten the thing.
Replace the washer if it's been a while. Think my washer is on it's last
leg. Not worth the hassle for a $1.50 part to re-use too often.

>Oh, and is that little plastic doodah in the (diminished by previous
>owners) toolkit the one I should use in place of the first bolt when
>taking off the wheels?

Just was at dealer. Think the part may be referred to as the 'Tommy Bar' on
the parts fiche. It looks like a long bar with a bent end that you hold
onto. Like a partially straightened 'L'.

Ernest Wong