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Re: QClub hara-kiri

>>watching from the sidelines as an impartial observer, i am shocked at how
>>oblivious the QC people are to the damage their reputation is sustaining
>>with each passing day.
>>it is looking really bad now,  probably beyond repair.  i think you guys
>>might as well start a new club because even if you get to the bottom of
>>this, i doubt if the reputation can ever be fully restored.
>>if i were a member, it would be a personal embarassment because in general
>>i don't sink money into black holes.
>Well, it's sounding like it's into a rampaging forest fire, but I think the
>flames have been unduly flamed.  I'm not happy about what I'm seeing on the
>list, but I'm not going to suggest that QCUSA or any of us divorce our
>entrails at this time.  Not that I'm usually the coolest in the room, but I
>would suggest a week of moderation and cooling off.  Let's wait a bit for
>that answer, and then if it's not satisfactory, as Dan implied, we can deal
>with that then.
After some of the personal responses and info that I've gotten, I'll spend
some serious time rethinking that position, particularly if there isn't a
complete response from QCUSA by this Friday.

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