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new manifold

		I bought Hoppen's RS2 manifold from USA to install in my
	S4. I have a big problm when German mechanics (old man) said that
	1. It is very difficult to replace the manifold.
	2.he's not sure whether the engine of RS2,US-SPEC S4,and ones in
 	Thailand is the same (are they stupid or somethin..?)
	3.He like to call AUDI AG Germany whether there are big benefits of
	RS2 header alone without the turbo,if the answer they got is no,they
	want do this job for us.
		So I have to work again,I faxed  Hoppen ,I faxed road test
	result od Hoppen S6 to them(those mechanics).  These are hoppen's
	1.It's easy to replace ,but time consuming (about 7 hr.!!!)
	2.All of those engine have the same cylinder head.
	3.there are many benefits.
	This time I sent the above message to those mechanics again..and 
        at this moment my S4 is RS2 header installed.  Haven't had a 
	chance for test drive yet,but dad already ddrive it. Dad said
	the car has better low speed respond,but at high speed..haven't
				That's story.