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Re: A8 vs. 740 vs. S420

 firkins@eis.net.au (John Firkins) writes:
 JF> Your not wrong there. So far there is only one repairer in Australia.
 JF> I spoke to the "Autorised Audi Repairer" here in Brisbane who told me
 JF> that the cost of the tooling for the repair of the A8 is $50,000
 JF> (40,000USD)! Even if this is inflated by duty/sales tax etc, its still
 JF> got to cost a US shop upwards of $20,000. How many are you guys gunna
 JF> bend? 
 JF> John Firkins

     Not that bad. A while back I was at the A8 "inauguration" 
     cocktail party in Sao Paulo, Brasil. It was held at Senna's 
     (yes, the late one) dealerships (the family has exclusivity to 
     Audi). On that occasion I spoke with Fabricio (maybe Fabio) Ayrtons'
     brother. He said that they had spent U$200,000 on the 
     equipment and training to work on the Aluminum bodies. Audi 
     would pull his license and not sell him any more cars unless
     his organization can take car of ANY forseable problem a
     present or future Audi owner had with his car.  A8 #1 was
     there, a beautiful car, but it had ropes around it, since
     this was going to be HIS car. They were taking orders, and
     managed to sell 3 A8Q's with 4.2L for future delivery, at
     U$180,000 each. 


... Oh well, half of one, six dozen of the other.

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