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Re: Dead Audi towed by Acura!

what was the ambient air temperature?  how many miles on your fuel pump? as
these pumps age, they usually make more noise and draw more current to put
out the same pressure.  that's why Ben Howell & Robert Houk reported the
fuse and associated wiring gets *hot.*  if it was warm outside (over 70F)
and your car is near or over 100k miles, i'm guessing your pump IS heading
south, even though its not yet noisy.  HTH

At 11:32 PM 5/12/96 -0400, Quattrofan@aol.com wrote:

>happens is the fuel pump turns silent, meaning no fuel delivery. I tried
>replacing the relay with a new one, to no avail. I tested power to the pump,
>and got power. I jumped the relay at some point, just to make sure, and had
>power. Today, this happened once, kinda like a burp, and the car started
>running again. I consider this the warning, which I of course ignored. Then I
>went through the toll booth, and it died for good. Played with relays,
>checked that wires were properly attached to the pump, etc. Nothing. After
>calling for backup, sitting bored in the car, I would occasionally flick on
>the ignition switch to see if the pump would run. No. No. No. Then, it would
>make an odd and unpleasant sound and run for a few seconds. Hmmm. Tried
>starting the car. It started. Didn't dare move until backup arrived, so
>turned it off again. After that, nothing. All other dash lights, guages, etc.
>all work properly, so it wouldn't be an ign. switch problem. Relay should
>still be okay. Pump has a pre-filter and wasn't noisy before any of this,
>tank of fuel was reasonably fresh and half full. I have a used pump of
>unknown background in my stash, which I will try after diagnosis, but would
>prefer to check anything else anyone can think of before spilling gas in my
>face replacing it. Tips, hunches, appreciated. I must point out that my car
>broke down in sight of a phone booth, so I'm still thinking of it in happy
>thoughts. Let's just say it's on probation, and I imagine an Audi God
>sacrifice is sorely needed. HELP!
>Dwight V.
>86 Coupe GT (with Acura outboard option)
>89 Jetta GLI 16v (with dead pwr window motor #2 this week)
>70 Fiat Spider (dead battery, sticking brakes)
>67 Fiat Dino Coupe (rusted exhaust, for sale)
>93 Ford Tempo (co. car, hoping it gets hit while parked)
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