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Tell us more?

Wait ,

You want Peter to tell us more?  What I see is that the list wants to know just
what Peter does to make a living and pay his employees.  You know?  Have a life.
He answered a question.  Did you ever think the better way is the one he SELLS.

So far he has volunteered more than I've ever seen anyone say Ned has.  Does
anybody wonder what he does?  Anybody asked him?  Anybody insisted he must tell
them or fear the wrath of being trashed worldwide on the Net?  Lets all call Ned
and ask him all the same queations.  Oh and where does he buy his equipment
'cause you know thats only fair too.

 Ask Eric what kind of struts/shocks come in his kit.  I did and he wouldn't
say.  Lets ask him what the spring rates are too while we're at it.  I mean he
should tell us right?  He did all that work to figure it out and get Eibach to
wind springs just for him only to give us all that for free didn't he.  Eric? 

I'm not picking on Ned or Eric. They did their homework and we all benefit.  And
we all pay for that knowledge. 

Doesn't anybody out there do ANYTHING for a living that they developed, invented
or anything like that?   I know some of you do. you've worked on a team
inventing the ultra widget.  Fine I use one everyday and I thank you.  I don't
expect to be walked through the whole development and given all the knowledge I
need to make my own.  That is the infuriating part of this whole thread.
Sharing info is great but there is a limit.

Everyday we all buy things that someone else figured out.  Do you think you
should know every detail of everything?  

You know I bet we could make our own tires too.  They cost too much.  Lets ask
Dunlop for their secrets.

I'm a photographer.  I get paid for what I do with a cameras and light.  You can
buy yhe same cameras.  So what.  I can buy a chip reader gizmo.  So what.

OK.  Flame me.  But get real.  When every vendor does tell us everthing they did
to get what they got only then is it fair game to ask the same from those who