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V8Q: Pad sensor and door lock probs...

Lately my brake pad light on the Auto-Check display has been coming on
intermittently.  By that, I mean it will come on somedays as soon as I start
driving and it will never turn off.  Then, it might not come on at all for
the next few days.  The set of pads on the car right now have about 30k on
them, so would they already need replacing?

Also, regarding the UFO rotors that I have on the car, they seem to be
slightly warped (big surprise, eh?) Is it possible to have this style of
rotor "turned" or resurfaced like on a standard brake setup?  It sure would
beat paying $450 per rotor...

Now to my door lock probs...I had been noticing the passenger side door lock
was starting to become very hard to turn, and the door handle was very
stiff.  Well, sure enough yesterday the door lock went kaput.  It turns VERY
easy now, but it doesn't lock or unlock any of the doors.  It still arms and
disarms the alarm, though.  Are there any quick fixes for this problem?
Keep in mind, this is not the same door handle as on a 5000, it is the flush
style like on the 100/200 series.


 Chris King           ===================================================
 cking@txdirect.net    '94 Corrado SLC        (Sherry Red/Beige Leather)
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