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re: Coupe quattro... still stalling - Help!

A verrrry frustrated Todd Candey said:

>I'm getting frustrated with this one... 20v Coupe quattro - when cold it runs 
>perfectly, and it does so until I turn it off. BUT, when I get back in and the 
>car is still warm, it stalls every time it returns to idle when I stop, 
>coast in neutral, etc...

Definitely the idle stabilizer.  I've been there, done that. It's the tubular
thingy between the airbox and the exhaust manifold, on the passenger side, behind
the headlight, and right behind the snorkel.

Disconnect the hoses, and the wire.  remove it from the car.  flush it with
carb cleaner. Disassemble the solenoid from the rest of the stabilizer. Clean 
the actuator shaft, and lubricate with wd-40 or silicone.  Reassemble.  

This temporary fix worked a few months for me.  I did eventually replace the
valve, though.

Do it soon.  The hotter the weather gets, the more frustrating this will 

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro