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Re: The Bose Emperor Has No Clothes

> From:          Eliot Lim <eliot@u.washington.edu>

> in my factory manuals, the pictures all have speakers in them, but i
> pried open the cover and it is blank like you say.  now, i still have
> my original "sticker" for the car lying around somewhere and if it
> says 6 speakers, i guess i can still go to audi and have them put
> those in right?  hmmmm false advertising.. maybe they can give me an
> a8 as compensation... :) :) :)
> i know the brochures say 6 speakers, but they also have the disclaimer
> that things will change w/o notice.  if the sticker says 6 speaker
> then i think they're in trouble.

I would be interested in knowing what the brochure says.  At this 
point, I honestly don't see ANY way that sound could come out of 
those speakers.  When I first looked under the grilles, I just 
"assumed" (and we all know the result) that the non-visible speakers 
must be ducted in some perverse Bose fashion - but I didn't notice 
the solid cardboard in the so-called speaker grilles.  'Twas only on 
further review that it became clear.

The only opening in the whole asembly is three slots which duct air 
to the side windows - and no acoustical designer would, or could,
try to route sound thru them effectively.  I wonder what the deal 
really is?  My guess is that they simply went with four speakers.

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