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Re: *****HELP*****Vibration in Quattro*****HELP*****

At 06:43 AM 5/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I have an '87 5000 CS Quattro and it "hums" maybe even "grinds" when cold 
>and hot (although not as loud) between 35-55 miles an hour. The sound is 
>very similar to driving allong a constant "rumble strip" on the highway 
>although normally about half that volume and lower in pitch by about 2 
>octaves.  It sounds like it is located on the left hand side of the car, and 
>is there whether the clutch is engaged or not.   Had the CV joints visually 
>inspected and the wheel bearings don't feel bad...(Thanks Graydon for all 
>the advice)   Thought it was a ratteling Catalytic Converter, new one is on 
>now with no change in noise.  Thought it was the tires...  New set (Dunlop 
>60 A2 (215 60 15)) and no change.  Aaarrggghhh!  The Audi Gods are 
>tormenting me.  Today I am going to take it down to the local shop and put 
>it on a hoist and get the drive line moving at about 45 miles and hour, but 
>I fear that because the suspension is UNLOADED at this point it will not 
>make any noise.
>All help appreciated in advance...  and I am running out of money...  :(
>Robert Dupree
>PS: Should I have the CV joinst repacked just in case?
  Have the wheel bearings replaced. Just because they don't feel bad doesn't
mean they won't make any noise. I am in the process of replacing a wheel
bearing on the right front that made noise but was OK otherwise. Didn't make
any noise when unloaded and rotated, no discernable play. There was a small
rough spot in the top of the inside race that was making the noise.

               Michael Loeks
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