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Re: 4000 csQ questions to post

>2) I got a set of H&R springs and Boge t-gas
>   cartridges.  I have new axle nuts and new strut
>   bearings.  The wheel bearings feel OK.  Are 
>   there any potential surprises or problems that
>   I should be aware of before starting this upgrade?
I replaced the rear springs and shocks in my 1984 Audi 80 quattro last 
 weekend.  The strut bearings were ok, however, the wishbone bushes 
 were beginning to fall apart.  I also could feel a bit of play in the 
 large ball joint at the end of one of the wishbones, but I couldn't 
 afford to replace this at the moment.

I bent a 1 ton vice trying to press the wishbone bushes out and finally 
 resorted to pressing out the internal bits of rubber and metal, but 
 leaving the outer metal shell - then I hacksawed two full-length 
 grooves along the metal shells taking care not to go through and scar 
 the wishbone - then I used a hammer and punch to fold and tear the 
 shell and finally pressed out the remains quite easily - if you have a 
 10 ton press and all the appropriate tubes and washers, this job would 
 probably be quite easy.  

I also found that two rear diff rubber mounts (the ones at the front of 
 the diff) were in a bad state - one of them didn't have any rubber 
 left in it - that explains the loud bangs I've been getting on 
 changing gear.  These were very easy to replace.  I didn't replace the 
 rear mount - I would have had to remove the rear diff - not that 
 difficult probably, but I would not have been able to press the old 
 mount out anyway.  I couldn't see it very well, but it didn't appear 
 to be showing signs of wear.

Some observations:
The new shocks (Boge Turbo Gas) are really nice.
My diff lock (centre) now disengages without me needing to go into reverse.
I need an alignment - the car now pulls to the left.  I took great care 
 not to disturb any of the settings for castor (or is it camber) and 
 toe, but obviously the new springs/shocks have a different geometry.
I am still getting some small rattles/clunks from the rear - anyone any 
 ideas - I thought I had replaced/checked everything.

>4) What kind of gas mileage should I expect? 
I get 30 on long trips and 25 on short (5 mile) commuting.