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re: 4000 csQ questions to post

>1) The car is tornado red and I have been 
>   told that my door mirrors should be red
>   and not just black plastic.  Is this right?
>   Should I paint them? Are the covers 
>   different from a '85-'86?

   Mine's an '86 with black...

>3) The gas gauge never reads full when I top off
>   the tank.  Is this a common problem.  Any 
>   advice on fixing it?

   On the right side of the instrument cluster there is a triangular plastic
   vent-looking cover.  Pulling this off there is an adjustment lever that
   will adjust the fuel gauge faceplate.  Mine still doesn't read exactly
   full but real close.
>4) What kind of gas mileage should I expect? 
   30 mpg is about average for me (trip computer).

Dan Cooke
'86 4kcsq