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Re: 4000 csQ questions to post

In a message dated 96-05-23 22:31:47 EDT, MARDKINS@msn.com (PAT MARTIN)

>>1) The car is tornado red and I have been 
>   >  told that my door mirrors should be red
>   > and not just black plastic.  Is this right?
>   >Should I paint them? Are the covers 
>   >different from a '85-'86?

My original '87 is red and came with body colored mirrors, whether it's worth
the hassle to paint them is open to discussion...all mirrors 85-87 are the
same for the 4000's. If you swap them out, it's usually easier to R&R an
assembly than the "cover".

">2) I got a set of H&R springs and Boge t-gas
 > cartridges.  I have new axle nuts and new strut
  > bearings.  The wheel bearings feel OK.  Are 
  > there any potential surprises or problems that
   >I should be aware of before starting this upgrade?"

The wheel brgs are usually quite hearty, and control arm bushings rarely
so... When I redid my suspension at 110K,(H&R,Koni) I opted to replace
balljoint and tierods as well. My feeling was that at 100K, they had put in a
useful service life and since I had to realign anyway...

There's that certain piece of mind that comes from replacing *everything*!
Right, Dave Lawson ;)

">3) The gas gauge never reads full when I top off
 >  the tank.  Is this a common problem.  Any 
  > advice on fixing it?"

Common problem on these cars, there is a small range of adjustment on some
cars, you have to remove the instrument panel cluster and feel for a small
lever at the top right of the cluster. I believe Bentley covers this...not a
miraculous difference, but may help out.

">4) What kind of gas mileage should I expect? "

Can't help with this one as I never check it.

Hope this helps,
-Chris Semple
Concord, NH
     '87 4000csq
          '84 4000sq
               '83 TQC