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RE: Euro headlights for my 91 200

RPI and others can supply Yurro lights, we are just trying to do it
cheaper, so's to have more to spend on other toys for our beloved Audis
(spoken looking up to gauge the magnitude of wrath from the Audi Gods
for being cheap on our Audis)...

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

>From: 	Hulda Jowett[SMTP:hjowett@nasc.mass.edu]
>Sent: 	Monday, May 27, 1996 10:38 AM
>To: 	Linus D. Toy
>Cc: 	Duff, Ian; 'quattro list'; 'Peter Henriksen'
>Subject: 	RE: Euro headlights for my 91 200
>> that'd be all fine and dandy if we drove on the left side of the road like
>> in britain.  their lens pattern is opposite of the continent's with the
>> raised, bright portion going to the left--right where oncoming traffic is.
>> now if they can help find the continent-spec lenses, too...
>> --linus
>> '91 200q, 40k, H4, non-UFO, sport-seats!
>> >Why'n'cha pick up a copy of the Brit mag "VW Audi CAR", and check out
>> >some of the British junkyards and parts houses? I bet used British is
>> >cheaper than new "weeellllll, we'll have to call our top secret foreign
>Are people looking for tuners that import euro lights? I believe Rons 
>Parts in Canada can get them for Audi's. I installed euro lights on my 
>Corrado, WOW! $400 is expensive, but not when compared to a light night
>encounter with a deer, they are worth every penny. If anyone wants RPIs
>e-mail me privatly.
>Brian 93 VR6 C
>S2 wanted