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Re: Why Not?

> STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> >  > 
> > Hold on there a min. big guy.  Like Jeff said it's much eaiser to stack
> > the old club and reform from within than it is to start a new one....
> > Let's see what we get for a answer and what we find out about the plans
> > for elections and then let's go from there.
> > 
> > Later!
> > 
> > Eric Fletcher
> > '87 5KCSTQIA2RSR2B
> > St. Louis, MO
> > 
> > STEADIRIC@aol.com
> Yes however I decided I wanted to do this before troubles with QCUSA
> even started. 
> For one thing this new club should not be biased towards non quattro 
> Audis this club should be designed to respect Audi as an automobile in 
> general and allow all drivers who respect these fine cars to belong to 
> something that they can get into and enjoy rather it's 4wd or 2wd.
> So in my opinnion the QCUSA can keep there club.
> There is no reason that more than 1 or 2 clubs can exist.
> BMW owners did it. Porsche owners did it. VW Owners did it,
> and so on, and so on.
> After all while there is only one there is a monopoly and when there is 
> a monopoly there is greed! and greed is something that does not belong 
> in a club. 
> I am not trying to flame you in anyway I am just merely arguing my 
> point.
> Thanks 
> Nick Van Houte
Hello Nick

Perhaps things are different in other parts of the world, but in the USA
you must face the fact that Audi does not have the following that BMW or 
Porsche or MBZ or even VW has.  I have a real concern that two Audi clubs
[should that really be 3?] could not thrive as has been the case for BMW.
There have been other Audi clubs that existed in the past that are no longer
around ...

My second point is not any personal attack on you, but for me the first 
question that arises is who are you?  Why aren't you willing to work with 
one of the two clubs that are already in existence?  The [insert name here] 
club that broke away from QCUSA espouses many of the ideas that you profess 
... why don't you give Stan Sokol a call?  Although the club is now just 
starting, it is my understanding that the intention is for it to be an 
international organization and not quattro-centric.  I personally do not 
see a monopoly!

It seems to me that working together will provide the best solution for all.
Nick, you sound like someone who has a lot of enthusiasm for Audis and car
clubs ... might it not be better to leverage your efforts by working with 
one of the existing clubs?

And I really appreciated your comments too Eric!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)