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<A4Q> Factory Alarm - Defect?

Okay, so I had my 1,000 mile check-up yesterday...

Twice now, while in my office, the factory alarm has set itself off.  The
first time, I didn't actually see or hear it someone told me (and I just
kind of blew it off since everything was secure when I went out to look).
Today, I was sitting in a meeting and heard what I thought was perhaps my
alarm.  I looked out the window and sure enough, the lights were flashing
away, no one around and everything still secure.

So I called the dealer (stupid thing to do before consulting this crowd) to
ask exactly how the alarm works (the manual talks about a motion sensor).
They tell me that the motion sensor only senses activity inside the car and
would not be set off by something like a heavy truck going by.

My question to you all is this:  Is there something wrong with my alarm
system? Any suggestions or thoughts?  It seems to be very random...

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