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I mortally shot the horse to death

In a message dated 96-06-03 07:29:58 EDT, you write:

>heard any of his many Deutsche kamaraden refer to a Merc as anything *other*
>than a "mer-said'-es."  (oooops, not "ies" as Scott said, but, picky, picky

Bartfater,  Might I propose after pronouncing this for the 100th time over
coffee this morn' that the proper Deutche Websterfater phonetic spelling
might be 


Given my nature to properly pronounce the marques (tho this could be the
"Hamburg" German:) at all times, Porsha is the easy one.....  Me thinks it
would be wise to not use the ....eeeees or the .....ies (what do the french
know anyhow), or even the ....es           But given the importance of the
ending of "said" to the quickness of the three sylables as schpoken, this
might be where we compromise the ...ies and the ....es for the now more
educated fellow audi covetors.....