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Thou shall not covet thy.......

In a message dated 96-06-03 07:29:58 EDT, you write:

>[Of course, Scott's pretty close on the detail; other, of course, than the
>one, the "coveted car mark being more correctly pronounced "Por-sha"...]

Bitte.....   How would one know that 'Unk Bartfater would take exception to
the correct definition of coveted, given his particular propensity to covet
the "other" marque....  The way I heard it to be, "UB" was that the coveted
Marque was the Mersaidies, the coveted Mistress was the Porsha.....    I'm
sure that die wundebar Dora might just agree with me that this rumor is more
true, even now that you are the verbose Amerikaner......

....  I will as the younger lad, take your definition of coveted (quite
easily in fact, despite the truth), and chase down that with my favorite
Austrian Budweiser.......