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Re: Flooding, flooding

In a message dated 96-06-05 12:01:01 EDT, you write:

>  2.  Only other possibility would be the heater core, since I have an on
>again/off again coolant loss and haven't gone back to anti-freeze whille
>fighting with the cooling system over the last three months. I figured that
>my coolant loss was probly a pump area problem, tho.
>Any other ideas. We get a hard rain about every other afternoon here, along
>with copious dew...

Might want to give your clutch MC a gander there dave.....  The sunroof
drains thru the drivers side rear (the power antenna T's into it) via the
trunk....   The other things to ck are the drains in the front (by the fuse
box) it gets wet there quickly....  And the grommets for the various cables
at the drivers side, hood release cable too.....