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Toys R Us

In a message dated 96-06-05 12:07:48 EDT, you write:

>	Read with interest the posts about the 20vTQC.  Questions:
>	Did he transplant a 20v motor or did someone say just the head?
>	What is low-end off boost performance like?
>	Why the Garrett turbo?

Bottom end is stock from what I hear.....  Garretts have very light (too
light for my blood, tho enjoyed them in the GLH turbos) compressor and wheels
that spool up quickly in relation to most of the KKK's for their relative
size....  For longevity the KKK is the ticket,  go with the Garrett for the
ultimate spool up, but learn how to rebuild turbos if you do....

Zonk!  I got some inside scoop that this particular machine will eeek it's
way onto the internet for sale soon, and the list of toys is 3+ pages
long....  I'm sure DanS won't limit anything there tho....  The Carrera 4 is
getting all the attention, so Scott is hoping to get some investment monies
from the sale....   A deep checkbook might be a prerequisite purchase.....