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Re: Fuel system problems in CA?

Steven Buchholz writes:
> Those of us fortunate enough to live in the state of California are now 
> using newly reformulated gasoline by law.  Some stations (Chevron, maybe 
> others) have been selling this gasoline since early this year.  One of 
> the issues with the new gas is the higher likelihood for fuel system fail-
> ures, especially in older cars.  I had the fuel line that goes from the 
> tank to the filter develop a leak on the urQ shortly after Chevron made 
> the switch.

Interesting... The hose from the tank pre-filter to the fuel pump
cracked and sprung a leak on my 80 4000 a couple of months ago.
It was a easy fix (replace hose), and I thought the cause was just
the age of the line, but now you have me thinking perhaps the fuel
has something to do with it...

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