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hydraulic advisory to Coupe Q owners...

80/90 and Coupe Q owners....

Spent a little time under the hood Saturday, and finally took care
of the Pentosin leak on my Coupe Q.  There's a ridged hydraulic tube
that runs in front of the AC condenser on the driver's side, connected
via hose clamps to the tubing from the hydraulic resevoir, and the 
hydraulic pump.

Evidently the original, called an "oil cooler?" on the microfiche, had 
chaffed against the condenser, eventually causing a minute leak. After 
replacing the old cooler, and dumping some Pentosin, I carefully wedged 
some foam between the cooler and condenser.

I highly recommend fellow Coupe Q and 90 series owners check their cars.
Why?  The replacement "oil cooler" was $116 from Carlsen!

The result?  No more waiting for the "brake" idiot light to turn off, after
starting the car.  Now I can save my Pentosin dollars for other maintenance.

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro