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Re: 91 200Q wires

Bob D'Amato said:

>On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
>> Hairy green toads from Mars made pelletmn@ccsnet.com say:
>> Let us (OK, let *me*) know how they fit.
>> I've been very pleased with mine on the 100Q, and am about to order
>> a set for Angela's 90Q20V. It would be nice to know that they do in
>> fact make them to fit 20V motors.
>Me too... Andrew... if they fit the 90 20V let me know, also if you can 
>get a part number as well (I found it seriously cuts down on dealing with 
>dolts when you order something.)

Ok, I'll bite, too , for a set for my 20 valve engine.  Based on the needs,
perhaps we could negotiate a volume discount with Rapid Parts???

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro