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Re: quattro-digest V3 #581

> I am very interested to know moore about your problem. Currently My 90Q-20V has a similar problem. 
> The brake warning light (not parking brake light) comes on and stays on for about 5 to 15 seconds 
> after cold start. Local service shop told me that I have a very small "resivior" leak. This 
> resivior was the brake booster.   [reservoir??}
> Would this hose leak be the problem, if so how much is the hose and can you do it yourself? Any 
> help is appreciated

Your local service shop sounds highly suspect to me.  Check the 
archives for the "bomb" test - this sounds like a typical pressure 
accumulator failure.  If so, don't buy a used one - I lived with one 
for 18 months and it never worked right.  Try Blaufergnugen for a new 
one.  Expect to pay $250 +/-.  

There are three hoses to the bomb.  One is a no-pressure return/drain 
line from the reservoir to the bomb.  If that's leaking, it's just 
plain cut or worn thru, but it will NOT afect pressure.  The other 
two lines do carry pressure, one is 2200 PSI, the other I don't know 
but it's not as high.  The pressure hoses are NOT cheap, so make sure 
you know what you're doing before swapping parts.  Do the tests in 
the Bentley or the brake pedal pump-down tests (see archives).  I bet 
it's the bomb.

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