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100 CS Quattro vs. 20v 200 Qauttro


I have been looking into '91 200 quattos, and have found a few worth 
investigating.  I am also interested in finding 5 speed '92 and '93 100 CS 
quattros, but am a bit bummed at the 172 hp provided.  I like the reliability 
factor of a normally aspirated V6 over a turbo 5 so my question is, what kind of 
aftermarket options are available for the V6 that can boost the hp to closer to 
200 without breaking the bank or car (chips, wastegate, etc.).  

ANy insights by those who know the pros & cons of both much appreciated 
(likewise people who have owned both).  I haven't even driven the newer 100/A6 
body, not sure how much better it is than the '91 200 Q.

Robert Anderson
'87 5000s Quattro (slug) - 130k
Portland, OR