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Re: Maaco, Reliable??

Be very careful with Maaco.  Those cheap prices they advertise are for
OVERSPRAY ONLY; i.e., they simply just wash the car, tape off lights and
body trim, and spray new paint and clearcoat over the existing finish.  This
might last...oh...about 2 or 3 years depending on where you live and then
start to peel and/or crack...

Maaco does, however, do "real" paint jobs; i.e., remove lights and body
trim, strip old paint and primer, re-prime, repaint, clearcoat.  This
service, however, will be MUCH more expensive vs. the overspray; A whole car
might cost in excess of $2000...

I had Maaco strip, re-prime, and repaint only the hood of my car.  They did
a fairly excellent job with it, but it wasn't cheap.  Also came with a 3
year warranty which is good nation wide.

1988 90
1992 Cannondale M2000 w/ Judys