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Re: WOW, did she get piss

 esw5@cornell.edu (Ernest Wong) writes:

 EW> Er, I mean some love and affection and flowers and chocolate and
 EW> candlelit dinners (even if the dinner is served in the cans they
 EW> originate from)  .  .  . 

     I don't know...but my wife knows better than to ask me to
     choose between the Q and her. She knows I wouldn't lie,
     so we both have an understanding. ;) Although, the old
     addage (sp) does apply though, least we forget, never
     love anything that doesn't or can't love you back. 

     Last time the wife complained too much about her car
     I took it up to Star Speedway and raced it in the enduros.
     She seems very satisfied with both me and my old 5KS
     ever since then. Just asks me, very politely to
     top off the Pentosin for her once a week. (that
     pesky triangle). I wonder about some of the P-whipping
     some guys put up with. 

     Yes, dear, just fininshing up some paperwork on the notebook...



... Adam's Rib: The original bone of contention.

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