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Re: A couple of minor A4Q things...

On Jun 28,  9:44pm, Karl Hartzel wrote:

> While we're on the subject of the GALA radios, I was disappointed.
> I try to convince myself it's having an effect, but it's not very
> noticeable - I tried fiddling with the adjustments per the radio's
> manual (Altering basic volume... on pg. 13), but (a) following the
> manual's instructions gave me a different display than pictured (I
> actually got 2 seperate adjustments) and (b) it wasn't clear what
> the adjustments were supposed to do - so I just turned both of
> them all the way up. What have your experiences been?

Funny, I just wrote about this a minute ago.  Glad I'm not the
only one that has two displays instead of one!

I did the same thing: turned both adjustments all the way up.
The difference is indeed noticeable.  Do the following.
While driving at highway speeds, turn the radio up reasonably
loud, with GALA turned on (by pulling out the [bass or treble,
I forget which] and switching clockwise).  Listen for a while.
Then turn the GALA off... you'll immediately notice a drop
in volume.

Dan Masi