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RE: urQ vs 944T

I find it hard (very hard) to believe a stock (US-spec) UrQ could ever
touch a stock 944T "off the line" (at least, without resorting to $50-
launches [you know, where you burn off $50's worth of clutch with each
pass]). On dry pavement, etc. etc. 

Stock (US-spec) UrQ's are trounced by clapped-out Nissan pickups "off
the line"! Hell, a turtle on crutches will beat a stock UrQ off the line.

Gotstah learn how to drive that ur-q! I use the tahrs and not the clutch to keep the revs up when launching. I just *LOVE* the feel through the steering wheel when the front tahrs break loose and the front end gets all light.....190,000 miles and still on the orig clutch.....