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Gauges, fuel and temperature

Hi all,

Two quick questions (as new to Audi 100 E, 1989):

1.What is the "normal" reading of the water temp gauge? Mine 
normally never goes up to more than 1/3 (or just pass the first 
"thick" mark). Is this normal or is my engine running "cold" due 
to a bad (always open) thermostat (remember, it's hotter than 
hell in Texas right now)?
In all cars I've had before, the normal position has always been 
the "center mark" on the gauge. Seems it should be the same here?

Second one:
Is there a "low fuel indicator" on the Audi (without trip 
computer)? It's pretty hard to tell when the fuel tank is close 
to empty since there is no light that comes on. I have now for 
the last few tanks been running about 420-440 miles (20 gls) and 
at the end, the car actually stalls while breaking at a red light 
(you can hear the fuel pump sucking air). I guess that's is a 
REALLY good indicator of low fuel, but it is somewhat 

Once again, thanks for all the good advice that has been sent to 
a "new" Audi owner

P-O Selander
'89 100E
'91 300 ZXTT